Recycling Centres

BC has a vast network of over 500 return collection facilities open to the public. They accept both oil and anti-freeze related products for recycling at no charge to you. To find a drop-off location, use our search tool to find a location near you. Search results will include a legend to indicate accepted materials by location.

It’s important to ensure you’re responsibly recycling your used oil and antifreeze materials.

Follow these steps when taking your materials to a return collection facility:

1. Call the return collection facility nearest you to confirm materials and amounts accepted, drop-off location and hours of operation.

2. Return used oil and used antifreeze materials during business operating hours ONLY. Dropping off outside of business hours can lead to incorrect disposal, spillage and environmental contamination.

3. Return used oil and used antifreeze in plastic oil and antifreeze containers with secure lids to minimize spillage.

4. Ensure that the used oil and antifreeze has not been contaminated with any other waste. Contaminated materials will not be accepted.

If you have any problems locating a Return Collection Facility in your community, please call the following number for further information:

1-604-RECYCLE (732-9253) in the Lower Mainland
1-800-667-4321 in the rest of British Columbia

Check out the BC Recyclepedia App to find over 1,000 drop-off locations and recycling options for over 70 materials across BC.

If you have larger quantities of used oil, filters, oil containers, antifreeze or antifreeze containers to dispose of, click onĀ Collectors to find a registered collector near you. Or call the BCUOMA office for additional assistance: 1-866-254-0555.

If you wish to become a Return Collection Facility in British Columbia, please call the BCUOMA office at 1-866-254-0555.