Stewardship Plan and Reports


RFP for an updated study of unaccounted used oil in British Columbia.

The objective of the study is to undertake a review and study to determine the different uses of / disposal methods for used oil that are not collected through the BCUOMA program, and the approximate quantities of used oil for each of these uses and disposal methods.

The RFP is open until Monday, August 20, 2018. Other key dates are outlined on page 2 of the attached RFP.

BCUOMA – Unaccounted Oil Study RFP – July 30 2018


Also attached for reference is:


Draft Stewardship Plan – May 27, 2018

2014 Stewardship Plan – no MoE decision
2009 Stewardship Plan – Approved 2011

Annual Reports


Study – LCA Oil Report UC Santa Barbara 2017
Study – RCF Program Review March 2016
Study – Proposed Accessibility Levels Report November 2016
Study – BC Consumed in Use Report 2016
Study – BC Unaccounted Used Oil 2006
Study – BC Unaccounted Used Oil 2011
Study – Estimated Rates of Recoverable Antifreeze in Canada
Study – Filter Report 2007