Summer Ambassador Program

Communications & Publicity

2015 BC Used Oil Summer Ambassador Program

After running independently as the BC Used Oil Summer Ambassador Tour for over a decade, in 2015 the program rebranded and welcomed nine additional provincial product stewardships on board. Under the joint union, the BC Recycles Summer Ambassador Tour was brought to life sharing a common goal: increase overall recycling awareness and collection rates.

The public awareness and education program covers recycling used oil, tires, beverage containers, electronics, batteries, medications, light bulbs, small appliances, and welcomes beer containers as a new addition. The Ambassador teams, two pairs of co-op students from Simon Fraser University, canvass across the entire province each summer from May until the end of August. The tour includes visits to an average of 2000 recycling collection locations to gather valuable feedback on recycling programs and attendance at roughly 25 notable events to connect directly with residents in the community.

Useful resources such as the Recyclepedia App, the BC Recycles Hotline, the BC Recycling Handbook, and BC Recycles social media channels are a focus of the external promotion and communication. These resources continue to evolve in order to accomplish a simple environmental mission: divert used materials away from landfills by ensuring British Columbians can easily access information on where and how to recycle common household items.

BC Recycles

BC Stewards Recycling Handbook

Want more information? The BC Recycling Handbook is a simple guide to what can be recycled under various provincial stewardship programs. BCUOMA, along with partner stewardships, worked together to create the BC Recycling Handbook and other resources as a one-stop resource.

Additional Materials

Ultimately, BCUOMA strives to educate British Columbians on the importance of properly disposing of used oil and antifreeze, oil filters and plastic oil and antifreeze containers for the sake of our environment.

A variety of communications materials have been created to help our Return Collection Facilities promote the responsible recycling and free return message to customers, as well as, digital advertising, word-of-mouth, and awareness activities to reach a wide audience across the province.

Here are just a few marketing items BCUOMA has developed: