Registered Collectors

A Collector is a government-approved carrier, registered with the BC Used Oil Management Association (BCUOMA), that picks up used oil and antifreeze materials from over 4,000 generators, including approximately 300 Return Collection Facilities and delivers them to a Processor registered with BCUOMA. BCUOMA pays the registered Processors, who in turn pay the Collectors, to pick up these used oil and antifreeze materials.

What if I have a large quantity of used oil material that needs to be picked up?

BCUOMA does not schedule pick-ups on behalf of our Registered Collectors. If you are a generator of used oil and antifreeze materials, in quantities more than a do-it-yourselfer, please click on the applicable zone of the province and the names of Collectors operating in that zone will appear. For more information about a particular Collector in that zone, click on the name of the Collectors. Please make arrangements directly with one of the companies listed on our site.

How does my company apply to become a Registered Collector with BCUOMA?

BCUOMA will only process your application and approve your registration upon receipt of all the listed items above. Once approved, your company information will then appear on our website under our Collector Listing.

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