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Increase Community Round-up Funding BCUOMA

Increase Community Round-up Funding BCUOMA – May 1 2018

Changes to the Return Collection Facility Program Incentive Rate

Effective January 1st, 2017, the new Return Collection Facility incentive program for consumer returns changed to $0.30/L for oil and antifreeze (from $0.10 for oil and $0.15 for antifreeze).

For facilities that collect only consumer material (e.g. depots) the new rate applies to all the material collected.

For facilities that self-generate oil and antifreeze through their business (e.g. service stations, lube shops) and receive consumer returns, the incentive applies only to the portion of material dropped off by a consumer. These facilities will need to provide evidence of the volume of consumer returns either by providing a consumer drop off log sheet (see sample on BCUOMA website) or by subtracting the service change volume from the collector Bill of Lading or using another method approved by the Executive Director.

To be eligible for the new RCF incentive program facility owners need to:

1. Register (or re-register) for the RCF program using the new Registration Form

– Submit to

– Facilities will be notified if they are or are not approved for the new RCF program

2. Use the new RCF Incentive Claim Form

– Complete and submit for January 1 to June 30 by July 31.

– Complete and submit for July 1 to December 31 by the following January.

– Submit to

New Infrastructure Grants Available

If you require additional infrastructure for your facility, such as tanks, covered sheds or other containment materials for your used oil, antifreeze, filters, and containers, BCUOMA does have grant funding available. If you are interested in applying, you need to:

1. Review the RCF Infrastructure Grant Manual to understand your obligations.

2. Use the new RCF Infrastructure Grant Application Form

– Submit to

– Facilities will be notified if they are or are not approved for the Grant

Return Collection Facilities Program Manuals

Return Collection Facilities Forms

New Program – Claim Periods:

– January 1 to June 30, due July 31

– July 1 to December 31 due by the following January

Return Collection Facilities Studies and Reports

 Return Collection Facilities Notices