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Two Fort St. John Co-operative Associations receive depot upgrades

RCF Program

Two Fort St. John Co-operative Association facilities have received grants from BCUOMA that provided each of them with a 20-foot modified sea container and a 2,200-litre tank.

These upgraded public recycling centres will provide the residents of Fort St. John with easy, free and eco-friendly systems to return their used oil and antifreeze materials.

“Fort St. John Co-op Association recently won a 2020 Top Collector Award that acknowledged their on-going support of BCUOMA. They continue to show their dedication to their community and our stewardship by upgrading their facilities in order to make it even easier and more convenient for their customers to return their used oil and antifreeze products,” said David Lawes, CEO, BC Used Oil Management Association. “It is a pleasure working with such a professional and committed organization.”